Los Diablos Polacos


We are a wargames design team from Poland. Our goal is to design wargames with accessible gameplay time and rules, but not at the expense of historical realism.


In 2010 we successfully designed two projects, one for Phalanx Games Polska and one for Academy Games. You can find them in completed projects tab.


In 2012 we have adapted the mechanics of RRR into a simple game describing complicated processes taking part in the modern world: CLASH: Jihad vs. McWorld


We are also working at two our own projects:

Teutons - tactical wargame about medieval Polish, Lithuanian and Novogrod wars with Teutonic Order Knights.


Carolus - strategic wargame focusing on the events of the Great Northern War - struggle between Sweden and coalition of her enemies: Russia, Saxony and Denmark.


If you are interested in any of our projects - do not hesitate to ask.

We are opened for international cooperation in games publishing and design.


Find more at our Facebook page.


Latest news:

Breaking news! #19

(05:22, 15.11.2012)

CLASH: Rocket violence

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Breaking news! #18

(08:23, 07.10.2012)

CLASH: Elections

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Breaking news! #17

(08:24, 07.10.2012)


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